Putting the Craft Back Into Craftmanship

We love being carpenters. There aren’t many of us left in this world of mass-produced, out-of-the-box construction solutions, and for that reason, we wear what we do for our customers like a badge of honor. Using carpentry skills that have taken years to hone, we bring their visions to life, and make their homes happier places to be. For us, it doesn’t get much more rewarding.

Over the years, we’ve developed our own way of doing things in order to enhance the construction experience and most importantly, the finished product for our customers. There are no two homes or projects that are exactly alike, which is why we’re committed to bringing the best combination of materials, processes and craftsmanship to each space we help create. We look forward to working with you and appreciate the trust you put in us to transform your most precious place – your home.

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Scott and Stefanie Hart – founders of family owned Hartley Group.